Clean TeQ to Design and Construct a Ground ater Treatment Plant in Northern Australia

groundwater in australia
Remote Australian communities rely on groundwater for water supply. Source: ABC

Source: Water World

The Power Water Corporation, the Northern Australian water purification corporation, contracted Clean TeQ Water Ltd to build a new water treatment plant to one of the 72 remote communities in Australia’s Northern Territory. The contract has a total value of A$5 mln (US $3.5 mln) and is to be finalized by the end of 2022.

What Water Treatment Is Like in Australia

One of Australia’s Northern Territory traits is low density of population. Settlements are grouped together, and groups are separated by hundreds of miles. There are 72 communities of the kind, and they rely on groundwater for their water supply. This is why the quality and quantity of water for them strongly depend on the state of the environment and the local climate. The new water treatment plant shall have a significant impact on the quality of life of one of the communities.

Because groundwater is of significant importance for Australians, the government runs programs for water treatment and conservation projects. The water treatment plant by Clean TeQ is only one of the Northern Territory Government’s A$28 million programs to improve water quality and supply the infrastructure to areas in need.

Resin for Water Purification

The new facility will use Clean TeQ’s ion exchange resin water treatment technologies. They remove a range of pollutants from nitrates to uranium from water while minimizing the amount of waste. According to Clean TeQ, the technology requires little maintenance, which is crucial for a water treatment plant located remotely from major settlements.

water treatment plant australia
The Clean TeQ Water’s resin-based technology reduces the amount of waste and requires little maintenance.Source: Proactive Investors

Clean TeQ and the Power Water Corporation believe the new facility to be a step forward in the advancement of the water treatment base of not only Northern Territory, but the entire Australia.

«We are excited to be working with NT Power and Water to provide better water quality to remote communities. We hope this to be the first of multiple contracts with Power and Water as they look to upgrade the water infrastructure in remote towns in the Northern Territory.” — Willem Vriesendorp, Clean TeQ Water CEO.