Cost and variety of tokens in the UNICAP ecosystem



UNICAP is an international investment fund that implements large-scale infrastructure projects using international best practices, including PPP standards developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


At this stage, the ecosystem includes: 


VODPROM is a project company within the UNICAP PFI project, which finances, designs, builds and operates the contract object. In fact, VODPROM is a working mechanism for realizing the real power of the Society at a qualitatively new level based on social justice, interethnic and interreligious peace and harmony.



TRINITY is a metaplatform that allows monitoring and controlling of the environment, online voting between all the inhabitants of the Earth, telemetric management of integrated objects (starting with water treatment), using DeFi and NFT through the VOD token based on blockchain technology.


NFT water PFI auction

The world’s first NFT auction of municipal water treatment and processing objects and profit from the object (for a holder of nft token) with guarantees from the UNICAP international fund and the state (thanks to the public-private partnership agreement).


Variety of tokens


VOD Token

VOD token is a universal DeFi token, which is the key that opens access to work with the entire ecosystem.

The second stage of the private sale is currently underway and is available at a price of $2 per 1 token.

In total, there will be 4 stages of private sales and then a public sale and listing on exchanges with a starting price of $5 per token.
Then, the token cost will be formed by the market (demand). 


Public NFT token
For everyone who wants to become a co-owner and co-investor of the object and receive income for the next 25 years with state and investment fund guarantees.

One can become a co-owner using a VOD token. The entry point is minimal and is currently 50 VOD tokens.

In addition to the fact that all co-owners receive up to 25% per annum for the next 25 years, all settlements take place in VOD tokens. The token price will grow with the growth of the UNICAP ecosystem and there will be additional X’s for all co-owners.

Personal NFT
For larger investors, there is an opportunity to purchase objects as a whole. At the same time, the purchase is possible both in VOD tokens and in fiat currencies.
Three packages are currently available for purchase:
Small object – $200 000
Medium object – $1 000 000
Large object – $ 7 000 000

The cost is determined by the capacity of the selected object.


At the moment, while the project is at the stage of private sale, this is the cheapest price for a comfortable future for everyone
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