Historical event from VODPROM inc.

This month will go down in history as the first step that we have taken together to form a new model of interaction between the state – society – corporations!

Almost all the preparatory steps have been completed and we can begin to openly broadcast about what awaits us. The following activities are planned for this month:
  • MVP TRINITY release.
TRINITY is an interactive SPV VODPROM platform, as an element of the COSMIC GLOBO multiverse, that allows providing the monitoring, control, online voting, telemetry control of integrated water treatment facilities using DeFi and NFT through the VOD token based on blockchain.  
  • NFT WATER PFI auction announcement.
NFT water PFI auction is an open and public, regular auction of NFT objects. The NFT token itself is a PPP agreement, conditions and a set of criteria for investing in an infrastructure facility for water treatment and purification of municipal importance. This is the agreement for reconstruction, construction, supply and adjustment of modern energy-efficient and eco-efficient equipment, connection of an open control system, analysis and data output to the TRINITY metaplatform on the quality and quantity of the processed energy resource and eco-resource between the UNICAP hedge fund, SPV VODPROM, COSMIC and the investor.
  • Announcement of the first two objects to be released through the NFT auction and integrated with the TRINITY metaplatform.
  • Announcement of the first general vote, the purpose of which will be to select the next region for the entry of the UNICAP international fund and SPV VODPROM and the integration of all mechanisms.
  Go to our website to be in the center of all the events. There you can find out more information about us and our joint plans.