How do we implement the VODPROM project in phase 1?

steps investing

There are 4 steps to bringing it to life:

1️⃣ Our tokens are distributed among as many Earth dwellers as possible
The tokens are keys to the entire mechanism.

Tokens represent the Earth inhabitants’ votes and opinions, too.
This grants all token holders an equal right to decide on the action to take and the direction to proceed in.


2️⃣The token holders gain access to unique terms and opportunities that only major funds and corporations had before

After the tokens are distributed evenly around the planet, every token holder gains a chance to co-own a communal object and later receive profit in accordance with the share at their disposal.
A pool is formed for every communal object and facility, and anyone can acquire a share in it. After the pool is sold out completely, the shareholders choose the type of facility for construction, as well as the country and precise location where the object shall be constructed.
The object may as well be purchased by a solitary investor.

This allows for a win-win outcome for all parties involved:
💧The state has its communal infrastructure modernized or upgraded without any time or financial investments;
💧The investors gain direct profit from their object under state and investment fund guarantees within the next 25 years. Apart from that, they have a power to influence the change in their region and improve the quality of thousands of lives;
💧The society receives safe and top-quality drinking water, which is a direct step towards the quality of life improvement.


3️⃣The objects are then integrated into the TRINITY platform

Every communal object and facility is later digitized and integrated into the TRINITY metaverse platform.
With the help of unique equipment every object is connected to the blockchain, which allows us to transfer all of the object’s data directly to the TRINITY platform.
The contents of the database are to be decided upon by the shareholders, but it shall include the following data by default: the incoming and outcoming water quality information, financial flows and their distribution, the object’s amortization and depreciation rates.


4️⃣ The facility operates under open-ended supervision and control of the society

The TRINITY metaverse platform is then entrusted to its users for self-sustaining supervision and control of the environment in their region.
The platform features tools for complex collaborative data analysis and direct communication with every party (state representatives, corporations, funds, media, etc.).
The society can then choose the next vector for environmental development, be it water treatment or any other area (healthcare, energy, waste management, etc.)


VODPROM presents a unique yet simple solution for direct interaction between the state, the society, and the major corporations, where it is up to the society to choose the vector of development, with the state ensuring legal support and the corporations implementing it with maximum economic viability