New phase of real estate investment – municipal water treatment plants

A new opportunity has been opened for everyone – to become a co-investor and co-owner of an object – a municipal water treatment and processing plant for a period of more than 25 years and a yield of more than 25%. Participation in open co-ownership using blockchain and De-Fi is available on the website with support from the UNICAP investment fund.

UNICAP an international investment fund, has been developing environmental investment projects for the construction and operation of municipal water treatment plants for more than 20 years. It collaborates and conducts work with a number of states, organizations and international investment companies, including being directly involved in the development of the CULLIGAN transnational corporation – “the CULLIGAN transnational corporation was one of the first to take steps to improve the world situation. Today it is the world leader in the water treatment and processing market, providing clean water to millions of people”.

UNICAP has always been sticking to the idea that it is the society that should make the key decision in matters directly related to their life: fresh water and, as a result, the entire ecology of the Earth.

The result is the VODPROM project, which is based on a new interaction mechanism for joint decision-making on global issues. This is where the society chooses the development vector and goals, the state helps to implement, corporations bring the goals to life and make them cost-effective.

The UNICAP Investment Fund and in particular VODPROM have determined that even before the stage of implementation of national programs in the field of water treatment and processing, it is the society that should decide on the order of objects implementation, as well as regions connection to a single system (digitizing objects for unified monitoring and controlling the situation) and a number of other actions.

Therefore, it’s been decided to provide an opportunity for every inhabitant of the Earth to become a direct co-owner of an object – “Municipal Water Treatment and Processing Plant”.

It is based on the following mechanism:

  1. The UNICAP Investment Fund creates a pool with an amount equal to the construction cost or modernization of existing water treatment and processing objects.
  2. Anyone can purchase a share in this pool for any amount.
  3. After the entire pool is bought out, all participants in the general voting will determine which region requires integration, which object and where it will be implemented.
  4. After the construction and launch of the object, all participants will be able to profit from this object, according to their shares, over the next 25 years with guarantees from the state and the investment fund.

Such a period and guarantees are possible thanks to a public-private partnership agreement

Everyone will get their own benefit with this model of interaction:

The Society will get direct access to the mechanisms that change the ecology of the Earth, improve the quality of life in a particular region; financial instruments for co-investment in objects and facilities; open information on ecology for tracking and control.

The State will be able to move from direct state administration to state management, providing an opportunity of separating the functions of the state as an owner and as a regulator; to allow creating state corporations of a new formation.

Corporations will be able to expand into new and existing markets.

The pool has a limit on the number of co-investors and co-owners, so do not miss the opportunity to become the one who will change the world and go down in history.

You can become a co-owner and co-investor here

You can find more information about the VODPROM project here