Plans for the second quarter of 2022


During the first quarter of 2022 we did a lot:

✔️ defined and confirmed the mission, values, and development vector for VODPROM;
✔️ updated our web page making it simpler and more user-friendly;
✔️ implemented the NFT concept and integrated it in the project;
✔️ assigned and confirmed the top management for the project (announcements coming soon);
✔️ successfully completed the first presale round.

The second quarter of the year is expected to be more eventful. Within the next 3 months we aim to complete these key tasks:

💧test and launch the TRINITY MVP metaverse platform;

💧launch our first public NFT;
The interaction shall be based on the staking pool. Anyone can become a co-owner and get a chance to choose the amount of profit and the best way to gain it.
complete the second presale round;

💧prepare for the very first universal vote (announcement coming soon);
The vote shall take place on our TRINITY platform among all VOD token holders. The agenda is the choice of the first country for integration.

💧hold negotiations with international companies on the integration of existing facilities into block chain and TRINITY;

💧prepare for integration with the UN programme;

💧hold the closed influencer round;

💧announce the first country to join our programme (construction and modernization of facilities, joining TRINITY and enabling public monitoring of the environment via TRINITY).