TRINITY metavers first look

RUS/ENG TRINITY metaplatform is an open and interactive public online platform located in a COSMIC GLOBO single multiverse, and created to preserve and improve the environment starting with the main ecological resource for the ecology of the planet Earth and LIFE – WATER, with the help of:
  1. VOD token – a universal De-Fi token that serves as a single tool connecting and opening the access to work with all products and functionality;
  1. NFT WATER PFI – non-fungible tokens related to water processing and water treatment facilities of public-private partnership, storing information on the conditions for investing, collecting, outputting data and other aspects of facilities operation;
  2. SPV VODPROM – a SPV with many years of experience, guarantees, state and corporate partners, conducting the design, modernization, construction and operation of PPP facilities, installation of energy-efficient and eco-efficient equipment, as well as its adjustment, configuration, training (retraining) of personnel;
  3. TRUE BOX – unique equipment for collecting and digitizing data on the use of a resource integrated into systems of water processing and treatment at connected facilities, using an open source code and innovative technologies of blockchain, De-Fi and NFT, for independent analysis, storage, output and transparent data tracking;
  4. UNICAP International Hedge Fund – a management company and an investment fund that implements socially oriented infrastructure projects in partnership with states on PFI principles.


Basic functionality of TRINITY MVP metaplatform

– Indexing countries by quality of life; – Public chat; – Personal news; – Results of joint activities.  

Extended functionality (release dates will be announced)

– Changing the global environmental situation with the help of universal voting; – Implementing municipal water treatment facilities with profit from this facility through the first in history NFT water PFI auction; – Separate interaction window with each country; – Separate window for interacting with facilities through 3D modeling; – Personal account with integration of all functions, social platforms, META avatar; – TRINITY metaplatform integration with blockchain and digitized municipal water treatment facilities.

Indexing countries by quality of life

One of the main and, perhaps, the most important function is Indexing countries by quality of life. Necessity and mechanism of this function: Each country has its own brief description of key indicators that are necessary for a quick acquaintance with this country. Also, the country is evaluated according to 5 criteria (indices), on the basis of which the total weight is given to the country. The weight of the country clearly shows the ecological situation in the country, which affects the quality of life of the residents. Criteria for the country weight:
  1. Human Development Index;
  2. Human Capital Index;
  3. Environmental Performance Index;
  4. Unsafe drinking water;
  5. Index of Economic Freedom.
The country weight has its own value that falls in one of these categories:
  1. High level of quality of life;
  2. Good level of quality of life;
  3. Acceptable level of quality of life;
  4. Unacceptable level of quality of life.
Each category has its own color, which paints the country while selecting the “Indexing countries by quality of life” function. This is a key function on the basis of which each person will make his own analysis and decide which country to vote for, so that VODPROM Inc. will enter it and improve the ecological situation of the country. These actions are carried out by universal vote.


Public chat

The TRINITY metaplatform provides an opportunity for direct communication with each member of the COSMIC GLOBO multiverse: – Public chat with each member of the COSMIC GLOBO multiverse who are online in the TRINITY metaplatform; – Public chat of your country. Each user indicates their country during registration. This makes it possible to get into the private chat of your country; – Personal chat with other users; – Personal chat with an authorized state representative of the country/region/city; – Personal chat with TRINITY, VODPROM, UNICAP GLOBAL, COSMIC HOLDING team members.


Personal news

The principle is built in such a way that all the news of your country is collected in one place. This is implemented due to the fact that during registration you indicate your country and on the basis of this, first of all, relevant news in your country is collected for you. Key directions: – Joint activity with VODPROM Inc.; – Construction and modernization of facilities; – Public, investment, scientific activities of VODPROM; – Stages of digitizing all facilities; – Interaction with citizens, government representatives, companies.


Results of joint activities

Thanks to marks on the map, we will be able to observe and control our results and the processes of implementing our decisions. The marks have the following categories: – Built factories; – Built stations; – Modernized facilities; – Objects in the process of implementation; – Investment activity; – Social activity; – Negotiations.   Built and/or modernized factories, stations. The mark has a pop-up window that briefly tells and shows which facility has been implemented or modernized, its capacity and efficiency after implementation, as well as a number of other information. This will be followed by digitization of facilities, integration with blockchain and display of all information on the facility in the pop-up window.   Objects in the process of implementation. The mark has a pop-up window that shows at what stage the facility implementation is at present, its amounts, deadlines, performers. In newer versions of the metaplatform it will be possible to study the facility 3D model and a number of additional functions.   Investment activity. The purpose of these marks is to show activities of the companies (VODPROM Inc., UNICAP GLOBAL) that are engaged in investment activities in the development of vital aspects of specific countries/regions/cities.   Social activity. The purpose of these marks is to show activities of the companies (VODPROM Inc., UNICAP GLOBAL) that are engaged in charity, which is aimed at developing vital aspects of specific countries/regions/cities.   Negotiations. These marks show activities of the company, which, based on universal voting, enters regions to improve quality of life of people through the water resource. The marks show stages of negotiations, all related news and a number of additional information.