UNICAP, UN, International Brotherhood of Aviators, SpaceX


The Story Continues: What We Know about the Partnership between UNICAP and the International Brotherhood of Aviators

Both significant parts of VODPROM’s history, the two projects have renewed their long-term partnership agreement in May 2022.

Since 2003 the UNICAP managing company supervises the implementation of major-scale infrastructure projects on public-private partnership (PPP) basis in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. UNICAP is the oldest existing PPP-based investment fund that supports a vast range of socially significant industries including the housing sector, as well as innovations in aviation and space exploration.

The UNICAP fund is based on the UN principles of sustainable development which can be summarised as “People Come First”, which makes UNICAP a People-first PPP fund.

The company is loyal to the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance principles (ESG). UNICAP makes investments in the development of transportation, healthcare, industry, and energy production. This creates a firm basis for full-scale implementation and support of new initiatives aimed at the development of aviation and space exploration together with the International Brotherhood of Aviators.

Under protection and with three support of the UN. How it started

The establishment of the first Eurasian PPP investment fund was a key outcome if the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012. Since then the United Innovation Capital (UNICAP) has been functioning to implement the major infrastructural projects based on public-private partnership within Eurasia and later around the whole planet.

The company offers its extensive experience and innovative insight on modern technology to the expansion of economic, political, and social opportunities, from water treatment system modernization to major environmental projects to the support of interplanetary transportation system (Space X) in the near future.

As UNICAP founder Dmitry Sadykov claims, the insight of the future this courageous shall attract new investment and expand the space for further implementation of progressive ideas in aviation and astronautics. The exchange of experience shall help prepare the way for multi-level projects aimed at improving the quality of life not only in Europe and Asia but in other regions as well, in those with less stable economies and environments.

Integration into a Metaverse – VODPROM case

VODPROM’s current project supported by UNICAP and the International Brotherhood of Aviators is the development of the TRINITY metaverse. Unlike other major metaverse projects of 2022 (such as Meta, Sandbox, Theta Network, etc.), TRINITY is decentralized and uses block chain technologies to ensure the openness of the project data and reports on the use of resources, as well as to secure the user data within the metaverse and take a step up to web3.

Upon acquisition of the VOD token the user gains access to the comprehensive report on the state of the environment and is enabled to be a direct influence on its future, beginning with the management of the most vital Earth resource – water.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s concept of the metaverse, every new system is to be based on the view of the safe and convenient future that every human is responsible for and strives to achieve. The new metaverse shall give its users a chance to decide on the location for an auction to be held, after which a plan of actions for modernization and construction of new water treatment facilities shall be made.

As implied in the concept of the metaverse, VODPOM’s primary concern is care for the future of the Earth and humanity via a realistic and highly efficient relationship model between the government, the corporation, and the society.

New Technology and How It Is Used About NFT and block chain

Today’s world has taken a path of rapid development of decentralized tools. For us it means the simple and secure use of tokens as a tool for:

  • Protection of the environment;
  • Secure interaction with staking;
  • Direct communication via universal vote;
  • Development of a decentralized system;

Together we are working on developing this project under the values of openness and independence. The goal is higher-quality and clearer monitoring of the global environment status and accessible information for everyone on the planet Earth.

What does it mean in practice?
The more users interact within the system, the bigger and more united the global community shall become. The platform shall challenge the way of thinking about the environment protection. It is not just governments and major corporations that should be held accountable for the environment – it is up to the cooperative effort that can make a change.

And change shall be made via public polls and the common vote with the help of staking as a financial tool and with TRINITY providing a convenient platform for ‘passive management’.

One does not need to be an environmentalist. The platform is open and decentralized – one token holder shall never be able to hold over 50% of all tokens. This provides for clarity and harmony in communication. Moreover, it guarantees the absolute security of the system as it cannot be altered in any way.

Because VODPROM operates in every region and supervises vast areas, its main goal is to provide assurance and enable transparent interaction for all users including governments, funds, corporations. VODPROM made a decision to save every investment agreement as an openly available file with unchanged terms and deal details (object for construction, amount, terms, etc.).

The agreement is later digitalized and attach to every shareholder’s NFT. This is VODPROM’s way of ensuring trust between the fund and the token holders, with every token holder having easy access to the terms and outcomes of the deal.

To Change the World and Strengthen the Bonds

As the world develops, the need for safe and accessible transportation is becoming one of the major and perpetually growing factors that powers up the progress across the planet.

Realizing the weight of responsibility in front of the global community, UNICAP together with the International Brotherhood of Aviators (IBA) shall implement new long-term partnership programmes aimed at the search of innovative transportation solutions in accordance with the UN Development Programme. Partnerships with other major organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, shall be involved.

This shall strengthen the professional, scientific and corporate connections between organizations, attract aviation specialists from around the Earth, and help raise a new generation of competent astronauts and aviators.

The International Brotherhood of Aviators is an initiative with over 30 years of history that unites more than 1000 aviators from every corner of the planet. The union was established on the base of the International Association of Graduates of Aviation and Aerospace Universities.

The Brotherhood has as its goal the promotion of astronautics, space exploration, and aviation, as well as the constant improvement of its platform. This allows the IBA accumulate experience and offer its expertise in implementation of major projects such as:

  • VODPROM (the ongoing water treatment projects, as well as development of equitable communication principles between the state, the society, and the corporations – the VODPROM metaverse task);
  • Cosmos Innovation – the creation and implementation of innovation start-ups.
  • Socially important UN projects including direct participation, investment, experience exchange (contribution to the development of healthcare, modernization of key industrial, infrastructural, and environmental facilities in Eurasia and other regions);
  • SpaceX – the interplanetary transportation system which implies the development of spacecraft for free movement between key strategic points in the space, including water treatment and water delivery to colonized space territories;

The vision that UNICAP and the IBA share is that of a new reality, one based on sustainable development principles and loyal to the goals of the UN as the leading world peace and global security provider.

The new partnership shall continue with the ongoing initiatives. In the near future the union of the two organizations shall begin the implementation a number of promising projects supported by the UN as well as other major international and local socially active organizations.