VODPROM enters the blockchain market

That’s only the beginning of our story, let’s dive deeper

We, at VODPROM, are working on the most vital resources of the planet – water, as well as the social preservation of humanity and the creation of an open dialogue between society, state and corporations. We believe that for saving ecology, it is not enough to just upgrade facilities that improve water quality. This is why we strive to resolve primary problems. The VODPROM platform is created not only to save and preserve the environment, but to change the relations between society, the state and corporations, where everyone can choose the most convenient way to preserve the environment and society, as well as develop and earn money.   What we offer:
  • Since we connect the equipment to the blockchain system, now you can always stay updated regarding the latest information on the use of water at facilities and in the regions;
  • Implement methods of universal observation and control of the environmental situation on the planet and in the regions, up to individual enterprises, by openly providing information on the use of water by enterprises and regions in an automatic online mode;
  • Provide an open dialogue between society / states / corporations for joint decision-making about life, humanity, ecology, etc.;
  • Conduct an open and accessible vote on our work, the further development of VODPROM and the choice of regions for the implementation of the platform. And 1 vote costs 1 token “VOD”;
  • Creation of your own token exchange for the purpose of issuing unique tokens (subtokens) of integrated enterprises (factories), to provide an opportunity to buy and sell them with a commission for the improvement and modernization of facilities;
We have started and the further development will be released only with your help. Our team is now negotiating with regional representatives across the world and with the United Nations Organization that will support our project and help token holders earn revenue and improve the ecosystem.