VODPROM enters the blockchain market

The growing interest around the chain economy and cryptocurrencies that can bring profit to almost any user prompted me to study this market from the outside. Today, quite often inexperienced crypto investors, not fully studying the economics of the project, lose money or become disappointed. Furthermore, many available tokens do not even give the right to vote.

Most recently, VODPROM Transnational Corporation announced the launch of its own token named VOD. This company is developing within the framework of the UNICAP investment fund. The main tasks of which are financing, design, construction and operation of the objects of the contract.

VODPROM is the gold middle between four socially important areas such as infrastructure, investment, IT and government. Therefore, the founders created a foundation on the code of the unity and equal influence of these industries. After studying the company’s offer, I would like to note the fact that in the world economy, housing and communal services still occupy a leading position among the largest markets.

The PFI concept taken as a basis represents a secure environment and autonomous development, which, in the first place, does not depend on the current market situation and the surges of economic crises.

The original PFI itself is a concept of «private finance initiative» developed by British. The objectives of the project are the participation of private investors in public sectors of the economy. Thus, this initiative is the global practice of alternative privatization.

As soon as the company announced the release of the token, users began messy chat about its future. However, VOD is deemed to be the future rocket. I also began to look closely at this proposal, but since I was used to counting in the long term, short bursts did not bother me a lot. So I decided to take a closer look at the benefits of the new token.

Main benefits

To begin with, I really like the idea of ​​collecting a long-term portfolio in this token. Despite the fact that this ecosystem is still quite young, even now we can safely say that it has a confident future.

Water is the oil of the XXI century, meaning its quality is a top priority not only in the interests of human wellbeing but also for industrial purposes. Hence, the use of untreated water will decrease product quality.

Excitement about VOD continues to grow faster than the market. Here it is fueled by the already established system of investments in a wide range of socially, politically and internationally significant projects. Thus, buyers are provided with stable financial flows and the ability to seize market leadership.

Secondly, the project gives the opportunity to choose alternatives in the regions and states, to determine the rate of return on investments and, of course, to defend the interests of investors.

VODPROM and UNICAP are based on the PFI concept. It also makes the government its most reliable and stable partner.

For partners, this form of cooperation is very attractive due to the guarantees to protect their interests established by federal laws, the possibility of flexible structuring of projects, less risks and a simplified financing procedure, reliability, long-term prospects, as well as a higher bankability of PFI projects.

PFI provides for the government following benefits:

Reducing the financial burden;

The possibility of transferring part of the risks to private partners;

Getting a developed technological infrastructure.

Partners receive the following benefits:

Receiving a long-term stable income;

Guaranteed safety and efficiency of investments;

The ability to implement important social projects;

Interaction and assistance to the government by increasing its capital and investment;

Participation in international innovation;

The opportunity to develop and interact with the DeFi sector, since in 2021, analytically, they will most likely replace fiat currencies;

The ability to develop blockchain, multiply your assets and bring the large-scale economy to a new level;

Assistance in the development of the housing and communal services industry;

Reduction of risks due to geographical and industry segmentation of projects;

The ability to implement socially significant infrastructure initiatives and take care of the environment.

The VOD token ensures the successful interaction of both partners since the interests of not only investors but also of society and the state are respected. Such productive cooperation provides partners and the state with inevitable success because of the implementation of projects in the interests of several socially important segments of the population at once.

The founders of UNICAP declare that they understand the full responsibility to partners. The basic values ​​of the project are the implementation of a high level of trust in the company. The founders have already given management over 200 infrastructure projects.

To sum up, UNICAP uses international best practices and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe PPP standard, which is based on the principle of «people first».

Thus, we see that the foundation of UNICAP is laid on the principle of sustainable development of the United Nations and is committed to environmental, social and governance issues. The VOD token makes it possible to become the owner of VODPROM, to invest current cryptocurrencies in the real sector of the economy with guarantees of security and efficiency, the ability to develop the blockchain, the DeFi platform and, as a result, increase your assets while maintaining a leading position in the market.