What is the future of the newcomer VOD in the international arena

Today, the Internet is one of the structural foundations of our society. I’m talking about the fact that about 96% of all information flows pass through the World Wide Web, where various data and knowledge are formed into a single stream, disseminated and developed on the network. Furthermore, the world financial system works via the same way, the internet.

The rapid growth of the chain economy is due to several privileges that the purchase of the current cryptocurrency gives. In the past five months, some digital assets have brought incredible returns to their holders. Cryptocurrencies showed the most impressive results in the field of decentralized finance. Even though many assets associated with this sector appeared several months ago, they have already managed to rise in price by hundreds and thousands of per cent.

While studying the growth of the most popular cryptocurrencies and at the same time considering a purchase, I became interested in a newcomer VOD which will be launched by one well-known company. Will this cryptocurrency become an attribute of the future of the global economy, or will it fail to gain investor confidence?

Just a couple of months ago, the VODPROM Transnational Corporation published the news about the release of a unique VOD token. The company was created on the idea of ​​combining four equally socially vital areas, such as infrastructure, investment, IT and government. Thinking why this specific idea became the basis for the creation of the company, I decided to study the VODPROM analogues on the market.

It is interesting that VODPROM essentially defends the interests of housing and communal services. Water, in turn, is one of the most valuable resources in the world today. It can be compared with oil, which is also relevant on the world stage. Proceeding from the fact that water quality is a priority in matters of health and industry, VODPROM is an analogue of Gazprom during its formation.

While housing and communal services occupy one of the leading positions among the largest markets in the world economy, a couple of years ago Gazprom Neft was able to ensure the stability of financial results despite the negative dynamics of prices and market trends. Both companies focus on technological development, implement innovative solutions to achieve their goals and are responsible for some of the most important areas of people’s lives.

The blockchain technology, which is used in the generation of cryptocurrency coins, allows various companies to create an unlimited number of types of digital money. However, not everyone can grab the attention of buyers and connect to mining. Thus, two important things come into the picture. What are the possibilities of buying VOD? And why should we queue up today and wait for this token to appear on the market?

VODPROM is a company within the UNICAP investment fund, the main goal of which is the efficient management of private equity funds. UNICAP invests in health, industry, energy and infrastructure development. In other words, everything that matters to a person. However, the main goal of the company is focused on the development of socially significant industries, such as housing and communal services throughout Eurasia, but it is planned to start with the CIS. This is how VODPROM displays the UNICAP PFI project.

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is an institutional and organizational alliance of government and private business with the aim of implementing socially significant projects in a wide range of areas of activity.

“Investments and PFI in IT — contractual instruments for the implementation of projects in the digital economy.”

Many potential customers will love that PFI makes the government its most trusted partner. Accordingly, the division of ownership between the state and the private sector of the economy within the framework of the partnership gives the right to control the use of assets, the right to income, the right to manage, as well as the right to transfer proprietary powers to other persons.

Along with this, this form of cooperation is not a simple addition of resources, but a completely unique configuration of interests and corresponding powers of partners. First, PFI makes the state its most reliable partner, which also acts as a bearer of socially significant interests and goals. Second, the state is initially interested in the effectiveness of the overall results of cooperation. Finally, the state guarantees the protection of the interests of entrepreneurs, provides flexibility in structuring projects, mitigating risks, and long-term prospects.

I would like to note that based on the principles of ESG, PFI allows the use of the “Blue Ocean Strategy” to create its own oceans for investors in sectors that are in the area of ​​government responsibility.

VOD attracts attention with at least an established system of investments in a wide range of socially significant projects. Therefore, buying VOD, you are getting a whole bag with financial flows and the ability to seize leadership in the market.

We go further, in addition to stable long-term income and guarantees of safety and profitability of investments, VOD provides a unique opportunity to implement socially important projects and raise the world economy to a completely new level. By interacting with the state, the buyer increases his capital and investment.

It should be noted that VOD also provides an opportunity to participate in global innovations, develop a chain economy, participate in various international loyalty programs, avoid losing money, unnecessary nerves, since there is no surveillance for cryptocurrency, and also take care of the environment and help develop housing and communal services.

In the coming days, VODPROM will give you the opportunity to enter the pre-sale start and make a couple of X’s. It is becoming obvious that VOD will break into the blockchain market, leaving no chance for competitors. Long-term prospects and huge baggage of opportunities make it a serious competitor to the most famous cryptocurrencies.