Why our project is completely fake-proof



The environment and its protection are fundamental for the overall quality of life on planet Earth. For this reason the information concerning the use of natural resources is subject to no alteration and is to be available to anyone.


Society has every right to information about the quality of the natural resources they use. In case of drinking water it has to do with the information on its treatment, purification, and wastewater quality.


We have been witness to technological disasters multiple times.
Many were caused by data falsification and alteration, leakage concealment, and even deliberate discharge of untreated sewage.
The latter are concealed post-factum, after the damage to health and environment is already done. And we have been looking for a way to ensure security and honesty in environment protection.


Our solution is the TRINITY metaverse platform – simple yet efficient.


We have created and are developing a unified metaverse platform for collecting, monitoring, and analysis of data on the use of natural resources, beginning with the most essential one – water.
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Our platform is formed upon blockchain and DeFi technologies. This is the ultimate proof of our honesty and openness. The data from every facility is going to be collected with the help of a system of precise detectors and sensors integrated into the blockchain. This ensures the security, reliability, and safe storage of the data from the facilities. A technology of this kind makes it technically impossible to conceal, alter, or delete any data