Why the VOD token is so cheap now

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Today we will explain the decisions behind the price of the VOD token and share the plan for the upcoming months.

⚠️At the moment, stage 2 of the pre-sale is under way, with the token costing $2. At the public sale stage the price will equal $5 and will still be relatively low⚠️

What is the reason behind this?

Our early investors are facing big uncertainty and, as a result, risks of losing their capital. Since our primary goal for this stage is even distribution of tokens around the planet, the active marketing stage for the project is yet to come. We decided to begin with token distribution to ensure open and honest communication between token holders.

This is why we reduced the token price for mow and are offering bonuses to our early investors. The signup (1 token) and the verification (2 tokens) for investors are still available.

💪🏼Within the next 3 months a vote shall be held to decide on the first country to enter the TRINITY metaverse platform under the public-private partnership agreement. The deal is secured with the state and investment fund  guarantees.

Upon concluding the PPP agreement the token price shall go up to $4.

A PPP-based project typically takes 25 years to implement. As a result, the investors ensure return of the investment for the following 25 years, all under the guarantees of the most reliable business entity – the state.

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