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Currently, we have a centuries-old history of working to preserve the environment.

In particular, we are working on one of the most important resources of the planet — water, as well as the socio-public preservation of humanity and the creation of an open dialogue between society, the state and corporations.

This example confirms that it is not enough to simply create and modernize facilities that improve water quality. Further development is impossible until the primary problems are solved.

We have long observed the growth of a trend in which responsibility for the environment and the future is shifted to corporations and states. Almost every person takes responsibility for the state of the environment. The majority took the position that «I can’t influence the situation in any way, let someone else take responsibility for it.»

Unfortunately, this model of behavior quickly strengthened in society and just as quickly led to an increase in distrust, deterioration of the environment and the quality of life in general.

The price of society’s responsibility = the price of each person’s responsibility.

The VODPROM platform was created not only to save and preserve the environment.

We can change the mechanism of relations between society, the state and corporations, where everyone can choose the most convenient way to preserve the environment and society, as well as develop and earn.

This mechanism allows:

  1. Openly monitor up-to-date information on water use at facilities and in the regions, through the integration of equipment into purification systems. The equipment is connected to the blockchain system (thanks to the VOD token), to collect, process and output information to the platform, without the possibility of falsification;
  2. To implement methods of universal monitoring and control of the environmental situation on the planet and in the regions, up to individual enterprises, by openly providing information about the use of water by enterprises and regions in automatic online mode;
  3. To ensure an open dialogue between society/states/corporations, for joint decision-making about life, humanity, ecology, etc.;
  4. Conduct an open and accessible vote on our work, the further development of VODPROM and the choice of regions for the implementation of the platform. 80% of the value of the VOD token is returned back to people in the form of a functioning ecosystem. Voting on the order of the next regions for the company’s entry into VODPROM is carried out using the VOD token (1 token = 1 vote);
  5. To provide a dialogue with the society, conduct scientific and public activities, implement marketing programs to improve and develop the platform through the exchange of VOD stations. Here all objects are upgraded and published with the release of the VOD token;
  6. Creation of its own token exchange for the purpose of issuing unique tokens (under tokens) of integrated enterprises (factories), to provide the opportunity to buy and sell them with a commission for the improvement and modernization of facilities;


By issuing tokens for each enterprise and placing them on the platform, the following goals are achieved:


  1. Direct dialogue between enterprises and society;
  2. Own development of enterprises, not only the solution of critical problems;
  3. Stable development, not only solving problems not as they appear and after serious incidents;


Thus, there will be not only attracting investments to facilities and monitoring their use, but also the development of all water treatment systems through the creation of an increase in quality and environmental friendliness. The implementation of this approach will lead to technological, economic and social development.

To implement this process, we are launching and developing the VODPROM platform, which will eventually lead to more detailed control over the environment and its conservation.

On the one hand, the VOD token is a voice that gives the right to participate in a universal open vote, at which all issues are resolved: in which direction to develop the environment; which regions need to be upgraded first, connected to the system; which technologies should be developed first.

On the other hand, the VOD token and the VODPROM platform are an interaction mechanism that allows society/government/corporations to jointly make global decisions. Here society chooses the vector of development and goals, the state helps to implement, corporations implement goals and make them cost-effective.

The key action of VODPROM is that more than 80% of the value of the VOD token is returned back to people in the form of a functioning ecosystem. On the one hand, it is the quality of the water resource, on the other — direct access and control over this resource.

We decided to go further and created an internal exchange on the VODPROM platform.

One of the tasks of the exchange is to create an effective mechanism of relations not only between society/state/corporations, but also individually with each individual object/plant/company.

We digitize all objects of partner companies, as well as those who want to integrate into the ecosystem. It also provides for payment with tokens for the services of partner companies.

Each object has its own token, which is based on the VOD token. The company uses internal tokens of objects and the enterprise (object) receives additional funds.

These funds are necessary for the implementation of any activities, for example:

  • Updating of the entire urban water treatment system, or the development of scientific activities for the production and improvement of equipment;
  • Study and scientific activity in the field of ecology of the stations themselves. They have the desire, experience and professionalism to implement ideas, but there is no mechanism that allows them to interact competently

In addition, our strategy includes the integration of other housing and utilities sectors. The mechanism is the same: a general open vote is held, in which the society determines the next industry that needs to be upgraded and connected to the VODPROM platform.

Does society need it? And why is it necessary for the state and corporations?

For more than 20 years we have been working with states and corporations on the modernization of water treatment systems for housing and communal services.

As a result of the work, we came to the following conclusions:

  • Society is rapidly progressing towards improving the environmental situation. The VODPROM platform is a mechanism that enables everyone to monitor the ecology of the Earth;
  • The previous model of relationships, where the state assumed responsibility for people, has long been outdated and has not led society to the expected results. The VODPROM platform gives an impetus to the formation of a new model in which a person takes responsibility, and the state helps him in the implementation of his tasks and goals;
  • Corporations recognize the new model of relationships and are already moving towards openness and accessibility of information. The VODPROM platform makes it possible to speed up this process many times, as well as facilitate it with the help of joint integration;

The VODPROM platform is not only about ecology, finance and survival.

The VODPROM platform is a mechanism created by and for people. Our goal is to take the relationship between society/government/corporations to another level.

The VODPROM platform is a transfer of responsibility not to society, but to each person personally.

It is up to us to choose in which direction to develop, which questions to answer and what our future will be.

The first stage

We started with a water resource. The reason is that we have been developing in this direction for more than 20 years


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We’re a team who constantly questions

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Dmitriy Sadykov
The Chairman of the UNICAP

Tim Sadyk
Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Dmitriy Belozerskiy
Head of VODPROM Trade Company


Our team is working on the VODPROM project and here you can see the roadmap

Creation of the Belarusian Ecological Center

Creation of the Eurasian Environmental Center


• Creation of UNICAP


• PFI concept development

Creation of an assembly facilities Culligan Belarus

Signing of the memorandum by the government of the Republic of Belarus

Formation of full-scale production of Culligan Eurasia

Implementation of a part of the Clean water program of the Republic of Belarus

Beginning of negotiations with the governments of the CIS countries

Completion of negotiations with the governments of the CIS countries

Creation of UNICAP Foundation VODPROM development


• Token VOD creation


• Registration of a management company
• Company registration in Estonia
• Release of the MVP platform


• Registration of the fund
• Alpha test of the platform
• The world’s first voting on the platform
• Conducting the main PPP negotiations


• Conclusion of the PPP Memorandum
• Coordination of working groups on the formation of a PPP agreement


• Conclusion of a PPP contract


• Start of work on the plant
• Integration of the platform’s hardware into objects


• Conclusion with third-party partners on connecting to the VODPROM platform


• Conclusion of a memorandum with the following country based on voting on the VODPROM platform


• Final of the main construction of the plant
• VOD Token Listing

20% of the market share of water treatment and treatment of housing and communal services in Eurasia

Creation and development of the structure of the next housing and communal services industry (according to a preliminary voting decision on the VODPROM platform)

Scaling of the structure to the North American market ( subject to general voting and approval (society, states, corporations) on the VODPROM platform)

Scaling of the structure to the markets of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia (subject to general voting and approval (society, states, corporations) on the VODPROM platform)


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